Just quick details of how it all started, the pioneer was Julia, she already has the passion since she was young, however she just finally had the chance to make it happen in 1998. She had taken courses in Indonesia and Europe, to learn from the masters. Started with just her alone working at home, until finally she made it big in Bali , Indonesia with 15 – 30 orders of specialty cakes per day, even in the lowest season.

Accompanied by Helmut, Julia’s husband who very much made all this happen as well, European educated background, extensive experience and true passion of cuisine, particularly in baking and pastry. He strives to commit all of our products to use the finest ingredients and to maintain premium quality for our customers.

We will grow our relationships with our customers and our suppliers to maintain excellence and ensure the supply of premium quality products and maintain the highest level of hygiene.

In terms of product, we have grown quite steadily, we strive to spread our wings within this industry. Yes, our specialty is sugar craft decoration cakes, however we also ensure that the cake itself is delicious which most wedding couples are also surprised that they could find wedding cakes that are actually delicious! Two years ago we started with chocolate as well as bakery, we produce mostly European bread, all freshly baked everyday with imported ingredients by our professional bakers, both retail and wholesale are possible. These last two years as well we are developing our own recipes for pastry cakes and cookies which have gone tremendously fabulous! :)

Please feel free to contact us for information and details for all things sweet and delicious!