Welcome to our restaurant!

Come visit us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, juices, and sweets. We also serve our famous Delicioso gelato! If you’re on the go, grab some pastries, small cakes, and freshly-baked bread to take with you. Ixora Cakes and Delicioso Restaurant & Bistro are both under one roof in our brand new location.

Jl. Raya Semer 168
Kerobokan, Bali
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Open 7:30 am to 11pm.

Delicioso Gelato

Delicioso is our sister company that specialises in gelato. We have a wide selection of flavours in dairy and non-dairy (sorbeto) varieties. All our gelato is freshly made with natural ingredients. Choose from over 40 flavours including favourites such as chocolate, vanilla tiramisu, stracciatella, limone, arancia, and coco.

We do Gelato Catering!

For your private functions, like weddings, birthdays, bazaars, business launches, or just any parties, we have a mobile gelato cart equipped with showcase freezer to display and serve the gelato. You can choose the flavours … you can even work with us to create a customised flavour!

Wholesale Supplier

We supply our delicious gelato to businesses all over Bali. From Sanur to Ubud, cafes, restaurants, villas, hotels, and entertainment venues serve our gelato and sorbeto on their menus. We can even help you create a signature flavour for your business (conditions apply).

Please call us at+62 851 0120 2999 OR +62 851 0020 6999 or email to info@deliciosobali.com for information.